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System Design Questions


Launching Oct 2022


JavaScript Coding Questions


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Guided techniques and preparation plans


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>130 Practice Questions

Practice for all types of Front End Interview questions

Our questions were carefully designed to ensure that candidates learn the patterns for a wide variety of the most common and important interview topics.

Coding Questions

User InterfaceJavaScriptReact.jsAlgorithms

Commonly-asked coding questions, including debounce, promises, building UI components

In-browser coding workspace with integrated test cases

Pattern-based learning

Quiz Questions

Recruiter ScreenPhone ScreenHiring Manager Screen

Commonly-asked test-your-knowledge questions and model answers for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

  • Interviewer


    Explain what event delegation in the DOM is about.

  • Great Front End User

    Event delegation is a technique involving adding event listeners to a parent element instead of adding the event listeners to the descendant elements. The listener will fire whenever the event is triggered on the descendant elements due to the event bubbling up the DOM.

    Great Front End User

System Design Questions

Application ArchitectureClient State ModellingSenior Levels

Detailed answers for Front End system design questions

Multiple approaches presented with an analysis of the tradeoffs.

Quality Solutions

Learn from high quality solutions written by top Front End Engineers

Every question on our platform is accompanied by a solution that addresses scalability, user experience, accessibility, performance, and edge case considerations.

Here's a sample Todo List question and its solution. Most questions have solutions written in Vanilla JavaScript and React, with support for more frameworks coming soon.

Solutions with inline explanations:
import './styles.css';

(() => {
  // Decouple the tasks from the rendering
  // and client-side render the tasks during initial load.
  const TASKS = [
    'Walk the dog',
    'Water the plants',
    'Wash the dishes',

  // Retain a reference to the elements which persist
  // throughout usage of the app.
  const $inputEl = document.querySelector('input');
  const $form = document.querySelector('form');
  const $todoListEl = document.querySelector('ul');
  const $taskTemplate = document.querySelector(

  function addTask(label) {
    // Use the template to make it easy to add new tasks.
    const $newTaskElement =
    $newTaskElement.querySelector('span').textContent =

  function deleteTask($itemEl) {
    // Remove the task from the list.

  $form.addEventListener('submit', (event) => {
    const value = $inputEl.value;
    // Don't do anything for empty value. Good for UX.
    if (value.trim() === '') {

    // Trim before adding to the list.

    // Reset the input so that new tasks can be added.
    $inputEl.value = '';

  // Add a listener to the list instead of individual tasks.
  // This is called event delegation and the benefit is that
  // the Delete button of new tasks can also respond to clicks.
  $todoListEl.addEventListener('click', (event) => {
    // Check that the button is being clicked and not something
    // else (e.g. the task label).
    if (event.target.tagName !== 'BUTTON') {

    // Add confirmation before destructive actions.
    if (
        'Are you sure you want to delete the task?',
    ) {

  function initialRender() {
    // Render the initial tasks using the template.
    TASKS.forEach(function (label) {



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Our focus is currently on expanding our question base. System design questions will be launched in Oct 2022. New coding questions are added to the platform on a weekly basis.

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For a limited time, we are offering lifetime access at 50% discount, which will provide you immediate access to all 130+ questions, guides, and study plans. All future updates to our interview preparation platform will also be completely free for you.
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There are currently quiz questions, JavaScript coding questions and User Interface coding questions. System Design content is in the works.
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At just $99, our lifetime access plan costs less than 1 hour of an average Front End Engineer's salary. Meanwhile, the reward for acing your interviews could be an increase in hundreds of thousands of total compensation.

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There is something to learn from Great Front End for engineers of all seniority levels. Junior engineers will be able to solidify their fundamentals and learn techniques they never knew about. Mid-level engineers will benefit from more advanced concepts like internationalization (i18n), accessibility (a11y), and performance. Senior engineers will benefit most from the system design questions which imparts architectural concepts.
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