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Contact Form

Ex-Meta Staff Engineer

Building forms is a common task in Front End. In this exercise, we will build a basic "Contact Us" form, commonly seen on marketing websites for visitors to ask questions or provide feedback.


  • The form should contain the following elements:
    • Name field.
    • Email field.
    • Message field. Since the message can be long, a <textarea> will be more suitable.
    • Submit button
      • Contains the text "Send".
      • Clicking on the submit button submits the form.
  • The form and submission should be implemented entirely in HTML. Do not use any JavaScript or framework-specific features for this question.
  • There is no need to do any client-side validation on the fields. Validation will be done on the server side.

Submission API

Upon submission, POST the form data to https://www.greatfrontend.com/api/questions/contact-form with the following fields in the request body: name, email, message.

If all the form fields are correctly filled up, you will see an alert containing a success message. Congratulations!


You do not need JavaScript for this question, the focus is on HTML form validation and submission.


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