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Our team

Our diverse network of team members, contributors, industry experts, and community leaders spans across the globe.
Yangshun Tay
Ex-Meta Staff Engineer. Creator of Blind 75
Yangshun is the author of "Blind 75" and "Front End Interview Handbook". At Meta, he created Docusaurus 2 and led engineering teams to build www.meta.com and www.oculus.com.
Tan Li Hau
Svelte Core Maintainer. Team Lead @ Shopee
Li Hau is a Svelte Core Maintainer and shipped many features for Svelte 3. At Shopee, he leads the web frontend platform team. He also loves sharing and making educational content on his YouTube channel.
Michal Grzegorczyk
Senior Front End Engineer @ Ofair
Michal is a Lead Frontend Software Engineer at Ofair with over 6 years of experience in Angular and its ecosystem. Experienced freelancer with a passion for teaching programming.
Sunny Dhillon
Senior Staff Software Engineer @ Google
Sunny is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google with over a decade of experience managing teams on Google Search, Gmail, Google Chat, Google Maps, and more. He joined Google in 2011 when they acquired his startup, TalkBin (YC W11).
Zhenghao He
Sr Software Engineer @ DocuSign. Ex-Amazon
Zhenghao is a Senior Software Engineer at DocuSign who was previously from Instacart and Amazon. He has developed multiple modern large-scale web apps and writes about software development and web technologies on zhenghao.io
Nam Nguyen
Senior Software Engineer @ Shopify
Nam is a Senior Software Engineer at Shopify, making commerce better for everyone. Previously, he was part of Axon's "Write Code. Save Lives" mission to build large-scale products that improve law enforcement globally.
Beng Eu
Beng Eu
Software Engineer @ Supabase. Ex-Google
Beng is a software engineer who is well-versed in databases and distributed systems. Previously Ad Speed tech lead at Google.
Sébastien Lorber
Creator of This Week In React, Docusaurus maintainer
Sébastien is a React early adopter, creator of the This Week In React newsletter, and maintains the Docusaurus project for Meta.
Quan Yang Yeo
AppSec Tech Lead @ Snap. Ex-Apple
Quan Yang is an Application Security Tech Lead at Snap with over 6 years of experience in application security, with extra passion for vulnerability scanning, vulnerability management and web security.
Kevin Gonzalez
Software Engineer @ Flexport
Kevin is a software engineer who enjoys the front end ecosystem. At Flexport, he led several big refactors to modernize the front end tech stack.
Utpal Singh
Front End Engineer @ Rattle
Utpal is well-versed in React and React Native and an experienced interviewer.
Luke Fiji
Luke Fiji
Front End Software Engineer, ex-Dapper Labs
Luke's tenure as a software engineer narrates a tale of technical expertise intertwined with a keen enjoyment of sharing knowledge. Transitioning through various roles and projects, the space for sharing technical wisdom always finds a place.
Jeff Sieu
Front End Engineering Intern @ TikTok
Jeff is passionate about creating delightful user experiences and well-engineered software primarily using React and Flutter. He showcases his projects and other creations at jeffsieu.com
Hong Ai Ling
Software Engineering Intern @ Palantir
Ai Ling is a full stack software engineer who is passionate about solving tough engineering challenges. Built the Tech Offers Repo
Zhang Ziqing
Front End Engineering Intern @ TikTok
Ziqing is a software engineer who loves hackathons and supports diversity in tech industries. She received the prestigious Generation Google Scholar Award in 2022.
Feilin Liangga Putri
Software Engineering Intern
Feilin is a software engineering intern who is into competitive programming and promoting tech education & literacy amongst youths. She is also a Google Cloud Certified Professional ML Engineer.