Our quality and passion sets us apart

While there are a lot of interview preparation platform for algorithms and data structures, few cater to the needs of Front End interviewing and Great Front End strives to bridge that gap. Preparing for Front End interviews is tough. There's no standard way of assessing Front End interview candidates, every company does it their own way, some companies stick with LeetCode-style coding questions, other companies ask candidates to ask JavaScript functions, while other companies want candidates to build small applications or components using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Who are we?

We are seasoned Front End specialists with years of experience in the Front End domain. As ex-FAANG Front End Engineers, we have interviewed hundreds of candidates, and mentored dozens of junior engineers and we have tried and tested ways of helping people get better at Front End interviews.

What's special about Great Front End?

Front end is our passion — and our wish is to improve the overall maturity of the domain. Every question and solution has been written with the motive to improve one's practical competency in front end as much as their interviewing competency. By using Great Front End, you will solidify their fundamentals, learn common patterns in Front End interviews such that you can tackle any question you're given.

Regardless of whether you are actively job hunting or not, you will learn something from the platform that you never knew about.