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Study plans

Discover study plans tailored to your needs to help you prepare for your upcoming technical interviews.

Holistic study plans

Prepare for your front end interviews in one week. Efficiently focus on the most important concepts through a good mix of coding and quiz questions.
Number of questions
46 questions
Recommended schedule
2 hours daily
Easy: 5, Medium: 12, Hard: 0
Prepare for your front end interviews in one month. All rounded coverage that is sure to bring your front end interview skills to the next level.
Number of questions
92 questions
Recommended schedule
6 hours weekly
Easy: 9, Medium: 21, Hard: 3
With over 140 questions, this is the most complete all-in-one front end interview preparation you can ever dream of.
Number of questions
140 questions
Recommended schedule
3 hours weekly
Easy: 15, Medium: 29, Hard: 3