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Senior Content Engineer

Employment TypeFull Time
Pay Range10 - 20 Lakhs per Annum

What you'll do

This is a paid, fully remote, full-time role open to international applicants.


As a Senior Content Engineer, you will be expected to produce high quality content for:

  • User Interface questions: code, solution writeups, and test cases in React, Angular, Vue, or Svelte (or all of the above).
  • JavaScript questions: code, solution writeups, and test cases in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Algorithm questions: code, solution writeups, and test cases for algorithmic coding questions.
  • Technical articles: articles explaining technical concepts, introducing new technologies, and more.

Minimum requirements

  • At least 5 years of working experience in the front end engineering domain, either writing front end code and/or authoring technical content (e.g. documentation, blog posts, etc.).
  • Strong in front end fundamentals, as well as data structures and algorithms knowledge.
  • Ability to break down a problem into smaller ones and explain technical concepts in simple terms.
  • Simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have good intuition for lasting and scalable solutions.

Preferred requirements

  • Prior experience working in big tech companies popular with front end engineer job applicants.
  • Experience in hiring and/or interviewing front end engineers.

Pay and benefits

The rate for this role will be narrowed down based on a number of factors, including the candidate's experience, qualifications, and actual location.

Interview process

Applicants who successfully move to the next stage of the interview will receive a take home assignment that requires around 2 hours to complete.

We are excited to hear from you

At GreatFrontEnd, we look for people with intense passion in the front end domain. You're encouraged to apply even if your background does not exactly align with the job requirements.

Your abilities and enthusiasm will be recognized and distinguished, especially if your career has taken a unique path. We value diverse viewpoints and individuals who think critically and are unafraid to question preconceptions. Come join us.