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Front End Interview Guidebook

Front End Interview Quiz Questions — How to Prepare

Guide to preparing for quiz-style front end interview questions — What to expect, concepts to learn, and 100+ important practice questions.

Quiz questions, also known as trivia questions, are short close-ended questions meant to test your understanding of the domain. Each question shouldn't take more than a minute or two to answer, however, further discussions can be spawned from your answers. Hence it's important to have good understanding of the concepts behind the answers you give and not blindly memorize and regurgitating.


Beyond getting asked on front end fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), you could be asked on framework-specific questions if you claim to have knowledge of them (either verbally during interviews or when interviewers go through your resume):

  • What problems do X technology solve?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of X technology?
  • How does X technology work under the hood?
  • What does X technology compare with Y technology?

Relevant Rounds

There usually wouldn't be interview rounds just asking you solely quiz questions. However, interviewers could spring questions onto you while in the middle of interviews focused on other formats like coding and system design.

  • Recruiter call: Due to the close-ended nature of quiz questions, they can even be asked by non-technical personnel such as recruiters. Thankfully, non-engineers are probably not able to evaluate the accuracy and are probably just matching the keywords in your answers with the solutions handed to them. In the worst scenarios, you can probably still pass by replying something that sounds sensible and includes the right keywords.
  • Online assessment: While uncommon, it is possible that you are given multiple choice questions and have to pick a correct answer from them.
  • Coding round: Interviewers might ask you a few quiz questions before any coding has started to warm you up. Or while you are coding and explaining your code, the interviewer might want to dive deeper into something you just mentioned. Hence it's best to have a good understanding of everything you say/do.
  • System design round: Like in the coding round, the interviewer can ask further questions on the things you say.
  • Hiring manager round: Hiring manager rounds are usually not meant to be technical but they could be going over your resume and asking you related quiz questions on technologies/projects mentioned in your resume.

As you can see, you can be expect to be asked quiz questions in almost every possible round. Be prepared at all times.

Important Concepts

HTMLSemantic HTML, Block vs inline elements, <head>, <script>, <style>, <link>, <form>, <input>, Form validation/submission
CSSBox model, Selectors, Specificity, Positioning, Units, Flexbox, Grid, Media Queries
JavaScriptData types, Scope, Closures, this, Variable declaration (var, let, const), Array methods, Object methods, Promises, Classes, Async/Await
DOMDOM creation/manipulation/traversal, Event bubbling/capturing, Event delegation
Runtime APIsfetch(), Storage (localStorage, sessionStorage), Timers (setTimeout(), setInterval())


There are a ton of concepts to cover which can feel really overwhelming. The good thing is that learning these concepts well will make you a better Front End Engineer regardless of whether you are actively interviewing or not.

We wouldn't recommend memorizing answers to quiz questions. It's best to truly understand the solution for each question and get some real world experience by using them in projects as it's usually easier to learn by doing.

Practice Questions

GreatFrontEnd contains a list of over 100 common quiz questions with detailed solutions written for each of them.