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Textarea Component

Build a textarea component used for collecting multiple lines of user input
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Project brief

In this challenge, you will build a versatile textarea component as part of a design system. These components will be essential for forms, data entry interfaces, and other interactive elements across various projects and apps found within the platform.

Implementation requirements

  • Design fidelity: Aim to follow the design as closely as possible. All elements in the design should be present, using the specified text color, font size, font weight, spacing, dimensions, etc.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Check that your solution works for major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • [Stretch goal] Accessibility: Text Input components should meet AA standards of WCAG 2.1, including keyboard navigation and ARIA attributes for screen readers.
    • Clicking on the label should focus on the <textarea>.
    • Hint text / error message is associated with the <textarea> via the appropriate aria- attributes.

Component properties

  • Customizable: The component should be allow for customizing of the label, placeholder, error message, maximum number of characters.
  • States: The follow states should be supported: Normal, Filled, Focused, Disabled, Error and other reasonable combinations.

Resources provided

Design files for desktop, tablet and mobile
High resolution image assets
Starter code with content copy
Style guide for typography, colors and spacing

Support you can expect

Official guides & resources
Development guides written & curated by Sr engineers at Big tech, such as:
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