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Product Details Page

Build a responsive and user-friendly page that highlights product features, images and allow customers to add them to the cart

Project brief

In this challenge, you will combine some of the components you have built in previous challenges into a storefront page for a fictional e-commerce platform.

As this challenge is a combination of other sections or components, you should build them first to ensure all states and requirements are covered.

Implementation requirements

The requirements that each component has to fulfill remains the same - you should refer to them in their individual briefs and ensure that their functionality remains intact after integration:

On the page level

  • Page layout rules: Apply standard page margin and padding rules as per the design specifications. Take note of the spacing between sections as well.
  • Static copy and asset alignment: While the component used remains the same as the list above, some of the assets, icons or copy might have changed. Ensure they are aligned, especially for the sections with static content and assets.
  • Placeholders: You may leave the redirection links empty for any unspecified buttons or links.
  • Cross-browser and device compatibility: Check that your solution works for major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and for all stated device breakpoints.

Dynamic content integration

While some of these sections may have been implemented previously, ensure the dynamic content update is working correctly after the integration:

  • Navbar: Display the current number of items in the cart and update in real-time as users add or remove items from their cart.
  • Product Details: Based on the current product, display the correct details corresponding to name, images, prices, reviews, variants and features (in the accordion)
  • Shopping Cart: When the user adds any item to cart, the number shown on the shopping cart icon should increase accordingly
  • Product Specifications Section: Should display the Product Specifications for this product. For this challenge, all the products should show the same Product Specifications section as per the design.
  • "In this collection" Section: Show latest created items from the current product's collection, minus the current product on the product details page.

Resources provided

Design files for desktop, tablet and mobile
High resolution image assets
Starter code with content copy
Style guide for typography, colors and spacing
API specifications and sample data

Support you can expect

Official guides & resources
Development guides written & curated by Sr engineers at Big tech, such as:
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