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Michal Grzegorczyk
Michal GrzegorczykSenior Front End Engineer, Ofair
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Build a job board that displays the latest job postings fetched from the Hacker News API, with each posting displaying the job title, poster, and date posted.

Job board example


  • The page should show 6 jobs on initial load with a button to load more postings.
  • Clicking on the "Load more" button will load the next page of 6 postings. The button does not appear if there aren't any more postings to load.
  • If there's a url field returned for the job details, make the job title a link that opens the job details page in a new window when clicked.
  • The timestamp can be formatted in any way you like.


Hacker News has a public API to fetch jobs by Y Combinator companies:

Job Stories

Fetches a list of job posting IDs.

Sample response:

[35908337, 35904973, 35900922, 35893439, 35890114, 35880345, ...]

Job Details

Fetches job posting details given its ID.

  • URL:{id}.json
  • HTTP Method: GET
  • Content Type: json

Sample response for

  "by": "jamilbk",
  "id": 35908337,
  "score": 1,
  "time": 1683838872,
  "title": "Firezone (YC W22) is hiring Elixir and Rust engineers",
  "type": "job",
  "url": ""


  • The focus of this question is on functionality and not on styling, but feel free to beautify the page.
  • To improve the user experience and avoid overfetching, you may want to limit the number of job details fetched to the number of jobs visible on the page.
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