Senior Front End Contributor

Job Type


Pay Range

$30 - $70 USD per question

What you'll do

This is a paid, fully remote, freelancer role open to international applicants.


Question & Solutions Contributor - Design and implement high quality solutions and test cases for front end interview questions, in any of the following frameworks: Vue (high priority), Svelte, Angular, SolidJS.

Who you are

We're looking for someone who meets the minimum considerations to be considered for the role. Preferred qualifications are a bonus.

Minimum requirements

  • You have a strong front end technical background, with experience in tech lead or senior engineer roles.
  • You have years of experience in hiring and/or interviewing front end engineers.
  • You find satisfaction in building products to help others be more effective.
  • You have a high degree of sensitivity towards users' needs.
  • You prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones, and have good intuition for lasting and scalable solutions.

Preferred requirements

You have prior experience working in big tech companies popular with front end engineer job applicants.

Pay and benefits

The rate (per question) for this role ranges from $30 - 70 USD. The actual rate will be narrowed down based on a number of factors, including the agreed scope of questions (and their complexity), the candidate's experience, qualifications, and actual location.

As this is a freelancing arrangement, there will be no employment benefits conferred.

We are excited to hear from you

At GreatFrontEnd, we look for people with intense passion in the front end domain. You're encouraged to apply even if your background does not exactly align with the job requirements.

Your abilities and enthusiasm will be recognized and distinguished, especially if your career has taken a unique path. We value diverse viewpoints and individuals who think critically and are unafraid to question preconceptions. Come join us.